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Ski Resort "Savin Kuk " is located in the Durmitor Massif, 5 kilometers from Zabljak. The vertical rise is 800 meters and the highest point is 2.010 meters above the sea level. The total length of the main ski run is 3.5 kilometers. The upper part of the run is marked as a black slope, the middle part of the run is marked as a red slope and the lowest part of the run is marked as a blue slope. There are two chairlifts and four ski lifts and one slope is lighted for night skiing. There are 5.500 meters of ski runs.
In the ski resort, there are numerous mountain cabins, ideal for rest after a tiring day in the snow. If you want to refresh yourself with good wine and national dishes, there are national restaurants at the foot of the resort at your service.

Ski center "Javorovača" is situated just 500 meters from city center of Žabljak. Length of the trail is 440 m. The ski center has one ski-lift and one baby lift. Available in the framework of the Ski Centre: Ski school; Rental and service ski equipment; Night skiing.



The first tourists visited the massif of Durmitor in the beginning of 20th century. Since then and until the present day, a great number of nature lovers have been visiting Durmitor range. The reason for that are 2000 km long marked trails that lead to 48 peaks above 2000 m, five canyons out of which Tara Canyon is the deepest and the most beautiful canyon in Europe, 18 lakes, out of which the largest and the most beautiful is Black Lake. Besides marked trails that lead to some of the peaks of Durmitor, there are many caves and caverns for speleologists. The peaks of Durmitor, of various shapes, with deep karst depressions, steep cliffs, grey slopes make an exceptional challenge for mountaineers, especially for those who want to climb them with climbing gear. The number of tourists in winter period is also increasing.
Numerous cliffs lure alpinists. Most of them are already conquered. There are also attractive rocks for fans of sport climbing, as well as few training areas for training rescuers and climbers, both for summer and winter conditions. Whoever has a desire to try mountain climbing in Durmitor, members of the mountaineering club will gladly help them and teach them some first climbing steps at some of the training areas. It is an experience to remember.



The most attractive tourism offer of the Durmitor National Park is rafting through the deepest canyon in Europe. The safest period for rafting is from 1st of July to 15th September, when the water level of the Tara River is adequate for this type of activity. Rafting is organized by the administration of the National Park and by tourist agencies.

This is the best and the most attractive way to see, feel and enjoy the beauty of nature.
The degree of attractiveness of rafting on the Tara River is 4, which puts it close to the Colorado and other world’s major rivers whose degree of attractiveness is 5. This means that judging by the attractiveness and the adventure that it can offer, the Tara River belongs to the rank of the world's top rafting rivers.



The three places where you can fish in the Durmitor National Park are the Tara River, Black Lake (Crno jezero) and Vrazje Lake (Vražje jezero) from 1st May to 1st October.
There are lots of rivers and lakes in this area rich with diverse fish species (huchen, grayling, brown trout, chub, common barbell). Artificial fishing bites (jigs, spoons from metal, rubber, wood and similar materials) are usually used in the National Park.

The Tara River
Length: 144 km. It emerges from the confluence of the Opasnica and Veruša Rivers in the Komovi Mountain. It converges with the Piva River to form the Drina River on the place called Šćepan polje.
The most common types of fish are:
- Brown trout - average weight from 0.5 to 5 kg.
- Grayling - average weight from 0.3 to 2 kg.
- Huchen - average weight from 1.5 to 2.0 kg.
Only artificial bites are allowed on Tara River.



Canyoning is passing through riverbeds, downstream, with or without equipment. The use of equipment depends on difficulty of river’s canyon. This sport includes activities as: descending along waterfalls with or without a rope, climbing, passing through holes, diving, jumping into wate.

The name of the canyon, Nevidio (Unseen) literally means it. It is a privilege only for the biggest, bravest and most stubborn lovers of nature. A mystery and excitement that you take over in mentioning Nevidio Canyon is supported by the fact that it was discovered only in 1965. The first to see untouched pearl of nature were mountaineers of the Javorak Association from Nikšić. Nevidio Canyon is in fact canyon of the Komarnica River. The canyon is 25km long and in some places its width goes down to amazing 25cm. Rocks that rise along the canyon are so steep and passages are so narrow that the scene at the moment truly takes one’s breath away.



After skiing biking is one of the most popular mountain activities. Biking represents direct contact with abounding richness of nature that this mountain selflessly offers. Tourists can chose various biking routs, after the level of their physical fitness, personal experience, aspirations and interests.
Also, depending on the interests of tourists, there is a possibility of renting a large number of bicycles, from bikes for beginners to professional bikes.
There is over 500 km of off-road, lots of single track roads and back country adventures. For the beginners there is an introduction to basic techniques of bike riding and usage of the bike equipment for beginners, as well as organized biking tours led by professional guides. A lot of agencies, hotels and private stores rent bikes for half-day, all-day and more-days tours.



Paragliding is a recent sport in Žabljak. The first flights were made few years ago, and with the first flight experiences in Durmitor, pilots discovered the most interesting area for this sport in our country. The sport was brought in Žabljak by various associations and people. First, the solo flights were done and later the tandem flights for tourists started.

Also, some paragliding camps were organized in Žabljak. The participants of the camps agreed that Durmitor is suitable place for this sport. There is not a large number of people who mastered this craft, therefore there is an idea to establish a paragliding association which would increase possibility for more people to enjoy this mountain and it would make Durmitor a famous paragliding destination for people all over the world. Simply, when you feel Durmitor once, you will always come back...



Beginning of development of modern orienteering sport at Durmitor is connected with Yugoslavian Orienteering Championships in 1997. But, unfortunately, after that no many events were held, and no further developments done up to now.
With latest common efforts of Žabljak Municipality, National park Durmitor, Tourist organisation Žabljak, Orienteering Federation of Montenegro, PK Durmitor and Zmaj Adventure company, new development steps are started again.
Already in 2016, Durmitor will host 3 days international orienteering event “Durmitor Orienteering Challenge” which will be held at the end of July (more about this sport event you can find here: www.dochallenge.me ).
In 2017, at the end of August, at Durmitoru will be organized South East European Orienteering Championships for all classes, started from cadets, juniors, elite runners and up to masters. Information about this big international sport event you can follow at the official web page: www.seeoc2017durmitor.me
But, orienteering in Durmitor will not be only with events. Making a network of new orienteering maps, it will be created opportunities that various orienteering activities can be held all over the year, as an active recreation discipline, then sport and educational camps...